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Furniture and Mirror’s Delivery Service

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Furniture and Mirror’s unrivalled express
Free Delivery Service within 7 days
to a 60+ mile radius includes:

  • Fixed two-hour delivery time slot
  • Free assembly (where required)
  • No packaging (all items delivered with blankets)
  • No damage (all items unboxed and checked prior to being delivered)
  • Our own vehicles and in-house delivery team (not carriers)
  • We also organise monthly Door-to-Door delivery services to France & Spain (for an additional cost by Witham Bros.)

For further information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Remember. We are always here to help.

We understand that choosing furniture can be a little overwhelming at times. You desire to create a pleasant, welcoming appearance yet needing it to hold up against the wear and tear of everyday life. Furniture and Mirror understand it is the combination of the two – the aesthetics and the durability – that are absolutely key in getting any space to work for your needs. Here are some practical tips for preparing to choose your furniture.

1. Take measurements.

The old adage of “measure twice and [cut] buy once” can never be overstated. Never trust a guesstimate of your eyes. Often in a showroom, pieces can be very deceiving. Use a tape measure, yard/ meter stick laser pointer to measure the length and width of your room. Also account for the dimensions of any alcoves or other recessed spaces in the room.

2. Create a floor plan.

It doesn’t really matter if you use formal grid paper, or sketch it out on the back on an envelope. Determine how much space you can spare for furniture and maybe try a few different ways that furniture could fit into the room. Try and factor in at least one metre / yard of free space between pieces of furniture so you won’t squeeze in between furniture as you walk.

3. Stage your space.

For most of us, working to drawings feels very artificial and unnatural. So after determining how much space you can feel you can spare for furniture and where you want potential pieces to go, why not mark those spaces on the floor to get a better visual? Use low-tack masking tape or spread out sheets of newspaper – and allow for any doors or drawers that will open.

4. Think about the usability.

Is this an occasional room with a show piece, or a high-traffic daily family hangout? All our furniture is highly durable and checked prior to delivery, but perhaps certain finishes would suit particular situations better? If you have young children, you will need sturdy, stain-resistant furniture but for the occasional guest, you can opt for more ornate pieces.

5. Note the natural architecture.

The rooms natural ambience and style may help focus your sense of design through the rooms built-in elements. For example, a rustic fireplace may lend you towards more of a chunky oak style than stark modern furniture. Modern furniture may be the best option for apartment rooms or those with sea-views wanting to create a bright, urban feel.

6. Check your doorways.

Finally, measure how wide your doorways are – and also the width of your stairs if necessary – to prevent potential delivery mishaps. You do not want to purchase a piece of furniture only to discover that you cannot get it into your house. If you do have tight squeezing areas, then feel free to talk to us and we can determine if we can assembled pieces in situation.

Choice of Handles for Furniture Ranges

Oak Bar

Oak Bar

-Oregon Only

Stone Square Handle

Stone Square

-All Ranges *Oregon N/A*

Polished Nickel T-Bar

Polished Nickel T-Bar

-Oregon Only

Rustic Metal Handle

Rustic Metal

-All Ranges *Oregon N/A*

Small Button Oak Handle

Small Button Oak

-All Ranges *Oregon N/A*

Large Oak Handle

Large Oak

-All Ranges *Oregon N/A*

Polished Nickel Handle

Polished Nickel

-All Ranges *Oregon N/A*

After Care Instructions for Furniture Ranges

These after care instructions are provided to help you to ensure that you get the best out of your Furniture from any of our ranges. 

  • Usually a soft duster is sufficient for everyday use.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth and always ensure to dry afterwards.
  • Immediately remove any spilt fluids with kitchen roll. Never allow water or liquids to settle on the surface.
  • Avoid direct placement in sun-light on the furniture and/or presence of a heat source or air conditioning vent.
  • Always use coasters or placemats for hot objects.
  • Use floor protectors to avoid damages on carpets and floor.
  • Dining tables should always be lifted by the frame, and not dragged or pulled at any time to prevent stress on the legs.
  • Extending dining table mechanisms can benefit from occasional lubrication with a silicone spray to ensure ease of movement.
  • Fabric chairs can be cleaned by ScotchGard and leather chairs can just be wiped down with a soft cloth.
  • Oak furniture should be nourished with wax / oil when the surface looks or feels dry using a soft, lint free cloth.
  • Other furniture should be waxed only. Never use oil on any of our ranges, other than oak.
  • We recommend Antiquax Original Wax Polish or Liberon Superior Danish Oil.
  • Do not use household cleaning products, solvents or cleaners intended for materials other than hardwood furniture as they are liable to damage the finish and can invalidate your warranty.

Any queries, please contact us for peace of mind.

Care Instructions
Indian Timber Certificate

Recommended Products

Timber Source. European Union Timber Regulation Compliance (EUTR)

We have always taken our responsibility for sourcing timber very seriously and ensured that our wood comes from sustainable sources. The European Union has now introduced from March 2013 regulations to ensure compliance across all companies and a requirement for proof of such sources.

We are delighted that this has come into effect and to enable you to view our documentation here (417Kb pdf file) and here (148Kb pdf file) that shows we are fully compliant with the new regulations.